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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Liberals' Big Tent

The militant environmentalist walks arm-in-arm with the pro-choice advocate in the gay pride parade.
Feminism, union love, pro-choice, pro-GLBT, environmentalism, anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-capital punishment etc.. All pillars of the Liberal Movement's Big Tent.

But what is the "GLUE" that holds them together? Such varied interests, what binds and attracts them to each other?

I'm trying to wrap my head around Liberalism, and I'd like all of the input I can get.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Detroit: Democrat Ideas On Display!

This is a Guest Post by my buddy Hardnox. You can check out his most excellent blog HERE!

Socialist Utopia is a Model City of "Hope & Change"
Welcome to Detroit where the city's population continues to decline. US 2010 Census data reveals that Detroit's has LOST 25% of its population in the last ten years. In 1950 the city had 1.8 million residents. In 2010, it has barely over 700,000, down from about 1 million.

In other words, when most US cities have seen their numbers increase Detroit has declined despite a 50% increase (100 million) of the overall American population in the same time frame.

Detroit at one time had the highest median income of all cities with the USA.

So what happened?

60 years of non-stop Democrat Utopian ideals is what happened. Businesses and residents voted with their feet.

The video describes it quite well.

Another liberal kumbaya wealth-redistribution pipedream up in smoke. Coming to a city near you!

So How's that Hope & Change Thing Working out so far?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Take a Major Spanking Today

Ok, I get home from church this evening and drop by Foxnews.com The headline that screams at me is " Wisconsin Votes To Strip Union Rights!" Incredible Story! After three weeks of waiting on the 14 cowardly Democrat Senators, Gov. Walker and the Republicans stripped the Collective Bargaining portion out of the budget bill, and passed it as a stand-alone bill.

What really Struck me about this move, was the courage that it took. As time has went on, the unions have rallied protesters and forces in opposition to the union-busting. There has been a considerable amount of public outcry against the Governor. Polls even show that this was an unpopular move to a large portion of Americans. But Governor Walker did what was right, not what was politically expedient! He might have just thrown away all chances at a second term, but he was not elected to be a two-term Governor. He was not elected to please the union folks across America. He was elected to straighten up Wisconsin, and by-golly, that's what he was going to do, regardless of how many union thugs it hair-lipped! Governing from conviction, not opinion polls, commendable Mr. Governor!

The next headline read "NPR Dumps CEO After Hidden-Camera Sting"
OH That felt GOOD! After the despicable way in which they treated Juan Williams last fall, this headline was just SWEET!

Alright, Public Sector Unions. Confiscate money from members. (You can't teach school in WI unless you are a union member.) The Union then takes this Blood Money and campaigns for Democrat lawmakers, spending millions of dollars to get them elected. The Lawmakers are supposed to be the tax-payers representatives in financial negotiations with our civil servants. These law-makers are not negotiating on behalf of the taxpayer however, they are negotiating on behalf of the union. The unions then get sweetheart deals dealt to them, from taxpayers' money. This unholy alliance of confiscated union money and politicians needed to be broken! If in the private sector unions, the union bosses paid huge money to the company reps that were negotiating the contracts, somebody would be going to jail! The company crooks that took the bribe money would at least be fired!

So the Liberals took a spanking today, and I was struck by the fact that both of these situations deal with misappropriated public funds potentially being shut off. (NPR's funding is now in serious jeopardy.) And the libs are fuming! There have been calls for a nationwide general strike, for continued protests, and for a boycott of Wisconsin. Between all of the protests, and now this talk of strikes, this is starting to look like Greece. Libs tried to paint the protests as America's "Egypt Moment", when in truth, it is America's "Greece Moment." When people get addicted to nursing at the teat of the public coffers, they really throw a fit when it's time to wean them!

It's a good day to be a conservative!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stock Market Update 03/07/2011

All three major indexes plummeted today as investors realized for the very first time that WE DON"T PRODUCE OUR OWN OIL!!! The cross-dressing madman that is target practicing on his own people in Libya has got most rational thinking Americans concerned about the stability of our energy supply. Several high falutin' stock brokers were seen today huddled beneath park benches on Wall Street muttering "Drill Baby Drill".

The White House released information today stating that "President Obama spits in the eye of everyone who doesn't drive a Prius," It was a significant sign of victory for the Obama administration as he closes in on fulfilling his campaign promises of $5.00 per Gallon Gasoline.

Disclaimer: This post may contain certain amounts of satire. However, the satire may have an eerie resemblance to the joke that exists in real life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Deplorable Actions From The Left

My Feedburner is now up and running. I apologize to those who attempted to subscribe, but were unable to. As near as I can figure I was hacked by left-wing radicals. I am investigating the Huffington Post, but Michael Moore is also high in the running. New found lib friends Americus Paulytics from Facebook, and HurricaneDean from BrooWaha are also under suspicion.

Disclaimer: This post is purely sarcastic, just a vehicle to inform readers that my RSS subscription link is now up and running.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Equality Schmequality

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Famous words from The Declaration of Independence, but how much weight do they really carry today?

The attack on these rights begins at conception. While created equal, many men's lives are snuffed out while still in the womb. Equal opportunity doesn't exist for the millions of aborted babies each year. They are all equal in value, and inherent worth as humans, but many never have the chance to recognize the potential that beats inside their tiny chests. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in America are aborted! If a child is fortunate enough to actually be born in America, they will find from their first breath on, that environment and personal decisions will be the main factors in how equal we actually are.

The rallying call of late seems to be equality. Folks are marching in the streets under the banner of equality. The disturbing facet of the chant is that most are chanting for equal results, and not equal opportunity. The only way to guarantee equal results is to take away from the high end of the spectrum and redistribute to the low end of the spectrum, leaving the result as a wash somewhere in the middle. So the equal results equation necessitates subtraction. Subtraction. Taking away from. There is a curious condition in the human makeup, that we don't like things being taken away from us. From a two year old's toys to a Union Member's Collective Bargaining Right's, we don't respond well to subtraction. In the economic sense it will punish those at the successful end of the spectrum, taking away from their motivation. Giving freebies to those at the low end of the spectrum does them no favors either. It steals their sense of accomplishment, the thrill of the hunt, and the satisfaction of success, that is so necessary in finding fulfillment. 

Equal Opportunity or Equal Results?
The rights addressed in the Declaration of Independence are of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Liberals of today have attacked the right to life, with abortion, and they have misunderstood the pursuit of happiness. It is the PURSUIT of happiness. Your government does not have to guarantee your happiness. The right of Liberty, should open the door for you to pursue your own happiness.

Equal Opportunity?
If the left truly believed in equal opportunity, then they would support school choice programs. There are millions of kids held hostage by teacher's unions in terrible schools. They have no opportunity. They are hardly equal. Give them opportunity, give them choice. This really isn't complicated, freedom of choice when it comes to schools, right to life when it comes to babies. It's all about equality.

All Men Created Equal?
Not hardly. There are men that work much harder than I do. There are men that invested more time and energy into an education than I did. There are men that are much brighter than me, and have business savvy that I'll never possess. There are men that received fortunate breaks, that didn't fall my way. Are we all equal? Not by a long shot. Should I have a claim on the wealth that their lives have afforded them? Not at all. We are not guaranteed equal results. Parity in possessions is not a fundamental right under The Constitution or The Bill of Rights. I prefer a Government that guarantees me an opportunity, but doesn't take it away from me if I manage to succeed. If our government just gives us a chance, the ingenuity, hard work, and perseverance of the American people will shine out to the rest of the world. Just give us opportunity, not equality.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Market Updates

An upbeat mood drove Wall Street today as investors celebrated the fact that someone has FINALLY stood up to the union thugs. With Democrat Senators AWOL for the fifth day in a row, the state of Wisconsin is on the fast track to balance their budget. Speculation that WI Republicans may pass a bill that would fund the stay of Democrats at out-of-state resorts indefinitely, drove all three major indexes higher today.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just a Few Questions For Libs.

Why is it that Liberals Despise Christianity, but stumble all over themselves trying to prove that Obama is one?

Why is it that Liberals love, and refuse to speak ill of Muslims, but knock down any insinuation that Obama might be one?

How is it that Liberals are so infatuated with the idea of being "Citizens of the World", and not "Americans", but they blather and blather trying to prove that Obama was born in America? They bristle at the idea of Obama being born in Kenya. Do they have something against Kenya?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Market Updates

The Dow closed up today on news that all of Wisconsin's Democrat Senators were still out of town.

The S&P and Nasdaq both closed lower on news that 185 Congressmen were still supporting the murder of Babies.

However, news that 240 Members of Congress had Passed the Bill defunding Planned Parenthood pushed Gold up 0.25%.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin or Egypt?

By now everyone has seen the reports. An angry mob crowding into the government center. Demanding a change! The rage, and outrage has spilled into the streets. No I'm not talking Egypt, that was last week. This week it is Madison, Wisconsin. Yes a violent uprising in the Midwest. I personally think that after a long winter, those folks have just gone stir crazy!

Fortunately we still live in a Democracy(Technically a Constitutional Republic). I know that our president called the riots in Egypt democracy, but we don't work that way in America! The VOTES in November speak a WHOLE lot louder than the protests in February! There might be 10 or 20 thousand people, bussed in, now marching in the streets, but 1.2 MILLION voters chose Governor Scott Walker to get the state out of financial ruin, at the ballot box!

How Did Wisconsin End Up Here?

In 1959 The Wisconsin Education Association gained the right to Collective Bargaining. This was the first such law in the United States.

Taken from the Wisconsin Education Association Council's website...
Early activists and organizers turned WEA into the Wisconsin Education Association Council...[which] would represent teachers in contract negotiations and could legally collect and contribute money to political candidates.

What followed was an unholy alliance of big union money, confiscated from members, given to Democrat politicians who pushed through sweetheart deals for the union, all paid for on the backs of the hardworking taxpayer's backs. Isn't it ironic that the first powerful union is now shutting down the democratic process in the state it holds hostage?

I wonder in President Obama is going to stand and declare that what we are seeing in Madison is democracy in action?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evil Vegetarians

It is time to stop the radicals. Murder is evil. Killing is wrong. Veggies are people too!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liberal Civility

As we all know the call of the hour is for civility. Actually that has been the clarion call of the left for decades now.(When it suits their purpose.) The left has attempted to remove all aggressiveness, displays of masculinity, competition, etc, from the public realm. The only acceptable display of masculinity is when it comes from a woman. They seem to like frilly boys, and tough girls.

"No Bullying!" has been the mantra from our schools, and it has now spilled over into the social networks as well. No dodgeball in school, it's too violent. There are no losers allowed anymore, everyone who participates gets a ribbon. This is their social and civil philosophy as well. If you participate in breathing, you get a prize. A PRIZE? Well what do they win? Show 'em Jenna. For simply breathing here in the United States of America, you get a Free Education, Free Housing, Free Healthcare, Free Cellphones, Free Electricity, Free Heating, Free Food, Free Childcare, Free Transportation, and a Nanny that will watch what you eat for you!! If you should be so foolish as to work a job however, some of these winnings will be unavailable to you.

Back to civility... I was astonished at how the left reacted in blaming Sarah Palin for the tragic shootings in Tuscon, Az. Military terms have been used in politics since the beginning of politics. The word campaign itself is a military term. But the left instantly tried to neuter, and remove all passion from the other side of the debate. Political Correctness became the preferred method of Censorship. No longer are we allowed to talk of "Defeating" or "Targeting" the opposition. For that matter, I don't even know if we are allowed to have "opposition" any more.

Sensitivity is the objective. We don't want to offend anybody. This is why we don't "target" young men of Middle Eastern descent at our airports. We are careful not to offend. Now we do strip searches, and nude body scans on every one except the young Middle Eastern men, because we still don't want to offend them.

It's Amazing what you can find on Facebook! Hypocrisy is so quickly exposed. Just surf around on a few of your liberal friends' photo pages... Hmmmmmm. It's curious. What ever happened to Civility?
Here's one man's idea of civility directed at Sarah Palin.

I won't bother posting comments, because this is a family show. It's very confusing looking at the photo-shopped pictures on the lib's pages, concerning Sarah Palin. She is either a porn star, America's greatest threat, or the Devil, the opinions are pretty evenly split. It is quite interesting that they can't quit talking about her though. Anyways, Cross+hairs on a map, or this?.... Civility?...Hypocrisy?

Do you remember a few years ago, when that newspaper ran a cartoon of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban? Remember the embassies that burned? The death threats? That will teach them for insinuating that Islam is violent! Remember Mohammed is simply a prophet, he is not the God of Islam. A mere man. And yet people died for daring to insult his memory. The liberals stood in unison with the Radical Muslims,(and Yes, I know that there are millions of peace loving Muslims in the world.) that all the world should respect their beliefs. "Where is the sensitivity?" they asked.

Back to Hypocrisy... When someone places a crucifix in a bowl of urine, the left was quick to label it as "Art". 
They defend tax-payer dollars going to support the "Art" display of Jesus engaging in homosexual activities.
A wee bit of a double standard perhaps????
Back to Facebook... I was very disappointed to run into this post last evening.

Now is this offensive? Remember Jesus was not just a prophet of the Cristian religion, He is the God of the Christian religion, in the flesh. Most Christians would find this extremely offensive whether it depicted Ronald Reagan or Barak Obama. This is not a political statement. It is an offensive one. What was even more disturbing were the comments that followed. After I stated my disapproval, this guy proceeded to try to justify his hatred of Christianity by citing the crusades, and the Salem Witch Trials. I implored the man(term used liberally) to please stay relevant and possibly even in the current century. What does the actions of an evil group of people have to do with today. It doesn't matter what flag of religion they carried their oppressions out under, they simply were not Christian in their act or conduct. Hateful man goes on to name Jim Jones and David Koresh as his reasons for being offensive to all Christians. WHAT? Two psychos, that were soundly renounced by mainstream Christianity. After begging the man to not use someone else's hate to fuel his own, to be bigger than bigotry, he deleted all my posts, but not his offensive photo.

An edited taste (for decency's sake) of some of the comments. 

And How about another one?

I guess respect and decency toward others is a thing of the past.

What do you think? Offensive discriminatory behavior toward Christians, or is it just all in good fun. Tasteful art. Please leave your opinion below. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Republican Pollution

Republican Pollution

Since it is common knowledge that Republicans hate the environment (Mother Earth and Mother Jones are held with the same contempt.) they might as well just admit to it. Oh it’s true. Not only do they just not care about our surroundings, they want to destroy them. They hate the environment!

I have actually been able to infiltrate the RNC (Republicans are kNown Criminals) and have uncovered astonishing information.

It is required of all registered Republicans that they sign an oath, in blood, that they will do their utmost on a daily basis, “Kill or cause the imminent demise of at least one living thing per day.” Their words, not mine. How sick is that! Doesn’t seem like much of a platform to run on does it? Well they also have the fact that they “hate anyone who is not wealthy” going for them too…

While I was snooping around the RNC headquarters, I found a memo from Mitch McConnell to Sarah Palin that stated the purpose behind their love for the environmental destruction. Again I quote, “Once we destroy the environment to the point that human life is no longer possible without little personal climate bubble thingies, only the rich will be able to afford them, and we will be done with all of the poor vermin! MUHHHHAAAWAAAAA!!” unquote.  

Yeah, I know, I was stunned as well…

You’ll be pleased to know that I was able to smuggle out of the headquarters, their newest weapon in “Environmental Destruction”. These plans were directly underneath the memo, so I assume that this diabolical machine is a major part of their Earth Destruction plans.

Disclaimer: These are not actual photographs, they are merely artists' renditions of the machine.


Now you may think that the beauty of this machine is that it consumes massive amounts of energy without providing any service whatsoever, but there’s more to this girl than meets the eye.

The Pollutonator XL 600 uses no filters of any kind! It spews it’s filthy smoke and carcinogens directly into the atmosphere. It spits out more filth than a drunken Rosanne Barr! It’s thick black cloud of destruction can actually be seen from space with the naked eye!

Step aside Great Wall of China, America is in on this “seen from space with the naked eye” thing too! Don’t talk to me about Chinese innovation!

 And there’s more, much more!

The PollutonatorXL600 uses only the dirtiest coal, mined by slave labor from emaciated adolescents in a third world country! These are the same children that are smuggled into our country to feed the PollutonatorXL600. You will notice in the provided pictures above, that none of them are smiling... Every few minutes when one of these poor kids die, the Republicans toss them into this horrid machine.

This ingenious device not only pollutes the atmosphere, but all solid waste by-products are dumped directly into the Potomac River!

From this recent photo, it looks like the evil Republicans are right on track with their plan of Earth's Destruction!

So, as a Republican in good standing, what do you do on a daily basis to destroy our planet? 
Libs, what have you witnessed the evil ones doing?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vegetable Liberation Front

The dank musty smell of exposed earth wafts to their nostrils replacing the pungent stench of exhaust fumes. Their nostrils are unaccustomed to this new scent, as they inhabit the blacktopped expanses of the city.

New smells.

Foreign smells.

The biting odor of goldenrod mixing with red oak leaves. Freshly fallen and crushed under foot.

These scents assault their senses, yet they are not singularly aware of them. They blend with the emotion of the moment to create an incredible elixir of adrenaline and sensuality. Gone are the smog laden reminders of the homeland, this is a new and glorious endeavor!

Their numbers are not great, though the task before them certainly is.

Just three.

A trio of committed warriors.

Some would question the validity of the cause for which they fight. Some just haven’t seen the cruelty that they’ve witnessed. 

When you have looked evil incarnate dead in the eye, and have seen the destruction left in it’s wake, it changes you. It puts a passion in your soul that others may not comprehend.

Theirs is not a self serving battle. Nay-the battle they fight is for the innocent. No grandeur, nor notoriety will come their way, nor do they seek such recognition. Their reward is the satisfaction of righting the wrong, freeing the captive, giving voice to speechless, and defense to the helpless. These mercenaries fight for freedom. The freedom they fight for is not their own. To hear the voice of the liberated, is the only compensation they desire.

There is nothing that stirs their passion like the exploitation of the innocent, and that is what has called these freedom fighters to duty tonight.
Before the sun breaks the horizon in the morning, evil will have taken a serious blow and justice will have been served!

Step after step, they plod on in the darkness. The night sounds, at first startling and unsettling, have now become familiar.

The far away hoot of the Great Horned Owl.

The call of the whippoorwill.

The scurrying of the small creatures of the night, rustles in the fallen leaves.

The nocturnal chatter is intermittently interrupted by their own voices, as they reaffirm the reason behind tonight’s mission.
“We have got to stand up for the oppressed.”
“I know. If we don’t do something about the exploiting of the innocent, who will?”  “These creeps need to be taught a lesson anyways. What kind of evil being would imprison helpless beings for their own sick self gratification?”

At long last, the objective slowly comes into view. At first it is obscured by the darkness, but gradually, with each approaching step, it begins to take shape.

The field of shame.

Mankind should be ashamed that places such as these even exist, instead, most people just choose to turn a blind eye to it.
Have we gotten so calloused, that we can no longer hear the cry for justice and fairness in the world?

The ski masks are pulled into place, the video camera is turned on. This video will be placed online, so that, while they remain anonymous, all the world can see that there are is somebody out there trying to make a difference.

The tools of their trade are brought out of the backpacks, and like a whirlwind liberation begins. With all of the intensity of Rosie O’Donnell at an all you can eat buffet, they fly into action.

Freedom for the helpless confined.

Machetes effortlessly slice through stalks of corn. Kernels  flying everywhere, Ears of corn dropping to the ground.. Like crazed men they pull entire stalks out of the prison of the furrow.

“RUN FREE” they scream! “No More Bondage!”

Forty-five minutes later a hush falls over the field. The labored breathing of the liberators is the only sound that interrupts silence. Several acres of prime crop land lie in ruins. Piles of mutilated corn stalks are spread around the field.

Congratulations are shared all the way around. With a self fulfilled sense of righteous indignation, the band makes it’s way back toward town. Tomorrow the world will see their exploits. Via the internet, thousands will witness their act of heroism. Youtube video comments will fill up, commending the liberators, and decrying the evil capitalists that imprisoned the poor plants in the first place. No one among the entire crew of the Vegetable Liberation Front, will see the idiocy of setting a cornstalk free from it’s roots. No one will video the field a week later as the stalks are all withering, and rotting in their piles. They’ll not be aware that their misguided efforts have done more damage than good, but neither are their counterparts at ALF and ELF.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Attack Of The Zombies

I remember the pain. Excruciating pain. Stretched out flat at the base of the tree. I could see the gash marks above me in the tree where my climbing spikes had kicked out. I remember the horror as I realized something was wrong with my body…. things weren’t working like they were supposed to. Yes, it was a broken back. Crushed spinal cord at T-10. Life flight to the big hospital… specialists…neurologists… MRI’s…tests, and more tests. And finally surgery. Back surgery was followed up with neck surgery three and a half months later. Long rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Most everything associated with the accident was predictable. You would expect the pain. The fear that attacks a man in this situation is normal. The joy at not being paralyzed…unsurprising. It is almost overwhelming, the gamut of emotions and feelings that bombard a man throughout a long, drawn-out ordeal like this.

There was something however that caught me totally off guard. A weird dynamic, that I never saw coming, and that was my loss of self-worth. I hadn’t expected to feel so disposable. There I was, the provider for, and protector of, my family, and I was flat on my back, docile and vulnerable.

Now my family was still provided for. Insurances had been put in place to take care of them financially, but I wasn’t actively doing it. As a man, I began to lose my pride. My sense of fulfillment disappeared.

There is satisfaction that comes from hard work. There is a fulfillment that can only be achieved by overcoming tough obstacles. The joy at a job well done, is hard to describe. If a man is deprived of these opportunities they lose a major part of their character.

We’ve all seen them. The walking dead, or undead as the case may be. They look like a real human (mostly) but they don’t completely have a human makeup. They stumble and stagger through the streets brainlessly. While they look humanesque, they lack important fundamental human characteristics. Cognitive thinking skills? Nope. Productivity? Nope. They’ve been stripped of their most basic human distinctive. The infection that came from the governmental experiments has ravaged their minds. We have positively identified the virus that has caused the scourge of zombies…. WELFARE!

These zombies don’t have fully functioning brains. Their motor skills are alright I guess, but you can’t really carry on a decent conversation with them. There is an unquenchable lust for the living that drives them on and on. I…MUST…GO…FORWARD…. MUST…FIND…LIVNG…HUMAN…THAT…I…CAN…CONSUME….
You’ll notice that their arms are stretched out in front of them…looking for handout.

There is a strange dynamic that takes place when a person begins to get “something for nothing,” It steals your spirit. The handouts sap your sense of achievement, and your feeling of self worth. Happiness levels plummet, as handouts go up. They crush the spirit of ingenuity, and accomplishment. Motivation dies. The burning embers of pride are extinguished and self loathing takes it’s place.

So are you against helping those in need, you may ask. No. A million times no! Charity is one of the single most rewarding endeavors you can undertake. I have been on both ends of charity. I will continue to let the milk of human kindness flow. My concern today, is not with the attitude of the giver, but rather the receiver of charity. When one receives charity they should always look at it as a hand up, and not a hand out. It is a temporary measure to get me through, until I am in the position to do the same for others.

Destroy the mentality that you can get something for nothing. If you are on the recieving end of charitable kindness, pledge to pay it back. Not necessarily to the giver, but perhaps to another needy soul. Work to balance out the charity by donating your time and energy to others. It will stem the sapping of your soul, if you are giving to others. You will not be deprived of that vital human need for accomplishment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Media Bias is an Ugly Thing

As of 1/21/2011 FoxNews.com is running an article of the goofy gal that walked into the mall fountain while texting.  While perusing this piece, a small snippet jumped out at me, because it was so out of place. Forcibly crammed into this article were the lines below.


Now, is it just me, or does the "born again" designation have absolutely NOTHING to do with this story?!!!

I’m not sure whether this was Assistant District Attorney Melissa J. Noyes’ attempt at defaming Christians, or whether this bit of slander was Fox News’ baby. The quoted Reading Eagle report does not mention “The born again Christian”, so I assume this is Fox News’ baby.

We are not sure whether Cathy Cruz Marrero was a born again Christian prior to her Mall Fountain Baptismal or not…. There is a rumor out there that she was accessing the new “Virtual Baptism” app on her iPhone.

Media Bias…
On Nov. 5, 2009 we had a crazed gunman open fire on our military base in Fort Hood, Tx. Nidal Malik Hasan an American born Arab of Palestinian descent stood and hollered "Allahu Akbar!” and promptly shot down 42 people, 13 of which died, one of whom was a pregnant soldier. The unborn child was not officially counted as a casualty.

Hasan had a Soldier of Allah card in his wallet the time of the shooting. He had documented ties to Anwar al-Awlaki, the Imam for 2 of the 9-11 highjackers. And yet, in the immediate aftermath of this incident, very few would acknowledge that this terrorist was even a Muslim!

While most Muslims are not radical jihadists, the Muslim religion IS a VERY important part of most terrorists’ belief system. Yet for some odd reason, making the connection between the Muslim religion and terrorism is TABOO, but attacks against Christianity are commonly accepted.

Hasan screams "Allahu Akbar!” and mows down a bunch of innocents, “Let’s not jump to any conclusions.”
Some goofy chick walks into a fountain while texting, “The born again Christian has criminal charges pending against her!”

Media Bias out there? Yep, and this was on Fox News!

*Please note*
Fox News has since edited this story and changed the words "born again Christian" to "Marrero".