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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin or Egypt?

By now everyone has seen the reports. An angry mob crowding into the government center. Demanding a change! The rage, and outrage has spilled into the streets. No I'm not talking Egypt, that was last week. This week it is Madison, Wisconsin. Yes a violent uprising in the Midwest. I personally think that after a long winter, those folks have just gone stir crazy!

Fortunately we still live in a Democracy(Technically a Constitutional Republic). I know that our president called the riots in Egypt democracy, but we don't work that way in America! The VOTES in November speak a WHOLE lot louder than the protests in February! There might be 10 or 20 thousand people, bussed in, now marching in the streets, but 1.2 MILLION voters chose Governor Scott Walker to get the state out of financial ruin, at the ballot box!

How Did Wisconsin End Up Here?

In 1959 The Wisconsin Education Association gained the right to Collective Bargaining. This was the first such law in the United States.

Taken from the Wisconsin Education Association Council's website...
Early activists and organizers turned WEA into the Wisconsin Education Association Council...[which] would represent teachers in contract negotiations and could legally collect and contribute money to political candidates.

What followed was an unholy alliance of big union money, confiscated from members, given to Democrat politicians who pushed through sweetheart deals for the union, all paid for on the backs of the hardworking taxpayer's backs. Isn't it ironic that the first powerful union is now shutting down the democratic process in the state it holds hostage?

I wonder in President Obama is going to stand and declare that what we are seeing in Madison is democracy in action?


  1. I put my money that Obama will send in the troops if the teachers continue to refuse to go to work.

    They will be hosed down where they stand.

    In the first uprising of its kind in America during his presidency, I am convinced he will be more afraid of appearing weak than he will be of public opinion.

    I am also convinced that fear will be his motivation.

    And the entire world will watch in amazement as a black man puts dogs and water hoses to a peaceful movement reminiscent of Selma, Alabama and the black protest movement in 1965.

  2. @Lynne Thank you for commenting. That would certainly be an interesting change of events. It would be the first decisive action taken by this president, so it would definitely be a surprise. I can see the absent teachers all getting fired first.

  3. Good research LS! I think the battles have just begun, the GOP/Republicans have no other recourse, but to clean the Democrat's public employees and their unions mess. Otherwise it will be tough win for GOP in 2012....

  4. Marc, why do you think that the average Dem. supports these public unions so much? Is it just good PR on the union's part?

  5. I live in Iowa and I can attest, the winters here make people go crazy. Obviously, this is what happened in Wisconsin, but on a huge scale. They must be having an exceptionally bad winter...

  6. Steve, Thankfully the woodchuck didn't see his shadow, signifying that "kooks leaving Madison", is just around the corner!


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