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Monday, February 21, 2011

Market Updates

An upbeat mood drove Wall Street today as investors celebrated the fact that someone has FINALLY stood up to the union thugs. With Democrat Senators AWOL for the fifth day in a row, the state of Wisconsin is on the fast track to balance their budget. Speculation that WI Republicans may pass a bill that would fund the stay of Democrats at out-of-state resorts indefinitely, drove all three major indexes higher today.


  1. As a Democrat, I do not approve of the way Dems acted, or did not act, in Wisconsin. I do, however, believe it is high time that unions stop lining the pockets of politicians for ridiculous patronage and stand up for CHANGE in our education system.

  2. Amen Cher. The unions have held our education system hostage, literally. No Child Left Behind did not help either. The best thing that could happen is freedom of choice. Competition is the basis of our success in the public sector, it will work in education as well.


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