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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liberal Civility

As we all know the call of the hour is for civility. Actually that has been the clarion call of the left for decades now.(When it suits their purpose.) The left has attempted to remove all aggressiveness, displays of masculinity, competition, etc, from the public realm. The only acceptable display of masculinity is when it comes from a woman. They seem to like frilly boys, and tough girls.

"No Bullying!" has been the mantra from our schools, and it has now spilled over into the social networks as well. No dodgeball in school, it's too violent. There are no losers allowed anymore, everyone who participates gets a ribbon. This is their social and civil philosophy as well. If you participate in breathing, you get a prize. A PRIZE? Well what do they win? Show 'em Jenna. For simply breathing here in the United States of America, you get a Free Education, Free Housing, Free Healthcare, Free Cellphones, Free Electricity, Free Heating, Free Food, Free Childcare, Free Transportation, and a Nanny that will watch what you eat for you!! If you should be so foolish as to work a job however, some of these winnings will be unavailable to you.

Back to civility... I was astonished at how the left reacted in blaming Sarah Palin for the tragic shootings in Tuscon, Az. Military terms have been used in politics since the beginning of politics. The word campaign itself is a military term. But the left instantly tried to neuter, and remove all passion from the other side of the debate. Political Correctness became the preferred method of Censorship. No longer are we allowed to talk of "Defeating" or "Targeting" the opposition. For that matter, I don't even know if we are allowed to have "opposition" any more.

Sensitivity is the objective. We don't want to offend anybody. This is why we don't "target" young men of Middle Eastern descent at our airports. We are careful not to offend. Now we do strip searches, and nude body scans on every one except the young Middle Eastern men, because we still don't want to offend them.

It's Amazing what you can find on Facebook! Hypocrisy is so quickly exposed. Just surf around on a few of your liberal friends' photo pages... Hmmmmmm. It's curious. What ever happened to Civility?
Here's one man's idea of civility directed at Sarah Palin.

I won't bother posting comments, because this is a family show. It's very confusing looking at the photo-shopped pictures on the lib's pages, concerning Sarah Palin. She is either a porn star, America's greatest threat, or the Devil, the opinions are pretty evenly split. It is quite interesting that they can't quit talking about her though. Anyways, Cross+hairs on a map, or this?.... Civility?...Hypocrisy?

Do you remember a few years ago, when that newspaper ran a cartoon of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban? Remember the embassies that burned? The death threats? That will teach them for insinuating that Islam is violent! Remember Mohammed is simply a prophet, he is not the God of Islam. A mere man. And yet people died for daring to insult his memory. The liberals stood in unison with the Radical Muslims,(and Yes, I know that there are millions of peace loving Muslims in the world.) that all the world should respect their beliefs. "Where is the sensitivity?" they asked.

Back to Hypocrisy... When someone places a crucifix in a bowl of urine, the left was quick to label it as "Art". 
They defend tax-payer dollars going to support the "Art" display of Jesus engaging in homosexual activities.
A wee bit of a double standard perhaps????
Back to Facebook... I was very disappointed to run into this post last evening.

Now is this offensive? Remember Jesus was not just a prophet of the Cristian religion, He is the God of the Christian religion, in the flesh. Most Christians would find this extremely offensive whether it depicted Ronald Reagan or Barak Obama. This is not a political statement. It is an offensive one. What was even more disturbing were the comments that followed. After I stated my disapproval, this guy proceeded to try to justify his hatred of Christianity by citing the crusades, and the Salem Witch Trials. I implored the man(term used liberally) to please stay relevant and possibly even in the current century. What does the actions of an evil group of people have to do with today. It doesn't matter what flag of religion they carried their oppressions out under, they simply were not Christian in their act or conduct. Hateful man goes on to name Jim Jones and David Koresh as his reasons for being offensive to all Christians. WHAT? Two psychos, that were soundly renounced by mainstream Christianity. After begging the man to not use someone else's hate to fuel his own, to be bigger than bigotry, he deleted all my posts, but not his offensive photo.

An edited taste (for decency's sake) of some of the comments. 

And How about another one?

I guess respect and decency toward others is a thing of the past.

What do you think? Offensive discriminatory behavior toward Christians, or is it just all in good fun. Tasteful art. Please leave your opinion below. Thanks for reading.


  1. I personally find it disrespectful and it is a little offensive. I would never have pics like that and I would discourage others from doing it. With that said, I can't stop others from doing offensive things. The internet is a big, vast chasm with really no control. You can find anything on here. If you find something you don't like, either skip it and forget about it or you can comment on it and start a nice little debate. In the end, people will post what they want to post and there isn't a whole lot we can do about it.

  2. Thanks for reading and responding Steve. Oh, I commented and started a little debate. lol... but it made me start thinking about some of the double standards that we see. And I'll admit that Republicans are guilty as well. For 8 years while Bill Clinton was in office, we heard the jokes about "President Clinton and HER husband.." When Hillary ran for the presidency all we heard was "A couple of years as senator is not enough experience. Just because she lived in the White House doesn't make her qualified."

    We all have our biases..

  3. I would have to disagree with what you say about us liberals and the cross! I happen to be a God-loving liberal and I take umbrage at that

  4. It seems the stupid and hipocritical liberals are just as bad in the US as they are here in Britain. Sadly our equivalent of the Republicans, known as the Conervative Party, has recently been taken over by a bunch of criminal loving, global warming alarmist left-leaning fake Conservatives.

    Even worse, they have formed a coalition with a leftwing party here, called the Liberal Democrats. Sigh, it looks like we're in for many years of rule by uninformed out-of-touch Libtards.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.

  5. Hope all enjoy my original post of Sarah Palin on my More retarded teabagger page!!!! Funny how I'm called a hypocrite liberal when I never even claimed to be a liberal... Just goes to show the labeling the right wingnut morons put on people.. BUt what's more harmful, a little sucker punch across the mouth or selling combat ammo to the public resulting in a hole in an innocent congresswomans head who coencidently (I THINK NOT} was on Sarah Palins hitlist???? Keep up the good work digging for excuses to make conservatives look good, its just not possible!!!! And good luck with the fake gold scam on the bottom of this page...

  6. Wow. That's some pretty sick stuff. I've got no desire to go in search of that.

  7. I agree with some of the comments and the article. I am not either, I used to be republican until they no longer hold the values of their own party. Going to war for oil and killing others is not what Jesus commanded us to do. On the other hadn't I am not for the Democrats as they can not even have a common backbone on anything. I am for some social welfare as Jesus would want this. I am not for taking the liberties from us to chose.
    If Jesus walked the earth today some would love him, some would say he was not real, some would use him for personal gain, some would reticule his message, and some would follow without a question. I hope for my sake I would follow without question and leave this world to its own devices.
    It is not good to hate either side as we must disagree without violence. Democracy is not perfect but it is our only way to decide what we all want. We do need to refrain from fighting to the point we could cause harm to another, but this does not mean we can not disagree or make our disagreements known.
    There is a bad element in all of us, but most of us use words to express our feelings. We can not be help responsible for the ones who use violence to get their point across. Nor can we post every event on display for all to see when it happens, this is the true reason it is done. Fifteen minutes of fame.

    Tim Loyal

    Thanks for letting me post and good article.

  8. @Anon.. unfortunately the God hating liberals have taken over your party, and their voices are so loud that yours can barely be heard. Why do you continue hand in hand with them, when your values are so far apart from each other?

  9. @daedparrot keep exposing them, no matter which side of the pond that they show up on...

  10. Oh Eric, dear Eric, yes my friend you are a liberal's liberal. Thank you for reading.
    FTR Guns are an American right, not sure if y'all realize that or not...

  11. @Tim, If Jesus walked the earth today, I doubt most of us would even recognize Him. I think mainstream Christianity has been so corrupted, that it is a business now, and not a conviction.

  12. Unfortunately, it appears that the liberal stupidity will continue to grow and grow, like a bad cancer. Thank you for your articles.

  13. After I posted, I realized I forgot to state my opinion: It sure looks like it's offensive discriminatory behavior toward Christians.

  14. I am from Indonesia where majority of population are Moslems who accept and respect pluralism in religions, culture etc.
    I always believe that if we want to live peacefully we should respect each other among others by try to understand the other among others by not generalizing and jump on conclusion.
    Do you think it is fair to blame all Muslim for the crazy acts of very few lunatics ?

  15. @Multibrand I know that there are millions of peace loving Muslims. It's a shame that they are basically held hostage by the militant radicals. It' is very difficult for them to raise their voice in opposition, when they face death if they do. I condemn the radicals, whether they be Muslim, Christian, right or left.

  16. Great post Dan, and yes I believe this behavior and the photos are offensive and discriminatory toward Christians. Unfortunately, we will continue to see more and more of this behavior and even right here in America Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. Jesus told His disciples that the world will hate them because they hate Him. At least we can't say we weren't warned. Thanks for writing about a topic that needs to be discussed. Have a blessed day!

  17. Sheepfeeder thank you so much for reading. Glad to have on board here!


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