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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just a Few Questions For Libs.

Why is it that Liberals Despise Christianity, but stumble all over themselves trying to prove that Obama is one?

Why is it that Liberals love, and refuse to speak ill of Muslims, but knock down any insinuation that Obama might be one?

How is it that Liberals are so infatuated with the idea of being "Citizens of the World", and not "Americans", but they blather and blather trying to prove that Obama was born in America? They bristle at the idea of Obama being born in Kenya. Do they have something against Kenya?


  1. Interesting questions. Maybe the liberals know the answers!

  2. Those are the dumbest questions I've ever read. Liberals are actually to the left of President Obama. And the "birther" issue... c'mon, that's all you got?

  3. G.T, No that's not all I got...I'm waiting for these to be answered, then I'll ask some tough ones... :)
    BTW These are sincere questions. I'm open for any input. Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate it.

  4. Well, if you really want sincere answers:

    1. As far as I can see, they don't care if Obama is Christian. But, since a lot of people in the US are scared of Muslims, and Obama's opponents have been insinuating that he's a Muslim to take advantage of this, they simply point out that going to a Christian church and saying that he's a Christian is awfully odd behavior for a Muslim.

    2. They don't really have any particular affection for Islam. But, many are afraid that laws against Muslims could easily be turned around into laws against atheists or christian sects that somebody doesn't happen to like. Personally, I think that's a far cry from "loving" muslims. And as far as knocking down suggestions that Obama is Muslim, well hell, when somebody says something you know is not true, don't *you* have the urge to correct them? Also see (1).

    3. The only reason anybody suggests that Obama wasn't born in the US is that they want to disqualify him for President. And Obama's supporters want him to be President. And he has a perfectly valid Hawaiian birth certificate, so his supporters are perfectly correct to insist that he's a native-born US citizen. So why do you even have a question about this?

  5. VERY WELL STATED TIM!!! Really nicely done. You perfectly answered the questions. The questions do still stand on their "ironic" merits though.
    Thank you for the responses.

  6. Show a liberal a bunch of $180,000+ salaries
    that a bunch of local gov jobs pay and listen
    to them scream about what it is doing to the
    city budget. Then after their rant, tell them
    that all those jobs are public union jobs
    just like Scott Walker is trying to deal with.

  7. Dan,
    Found you via Gunny's site. Good blog.

    Your questions are certainly legitimate. The BC issue is a battle that we should have won back in 2007. Too late now.

    Questions that a lefty never anwers 1) why does barry employ three legal firms to prevent us from seeing his personal papers? 2) why did he seal his papers via executive order on day one? A child can discern that he has something to hide. The left lays claim to a newspaper announcement. Big deal. The grandparents could have done that.

    We'll find out one day when we're old and gray.

  8. Welcome Hardnox, I'm right glad to meetcha! Thanks for the comment and the follow.

  9. Good Questions LS. I think that the real answer lies in what one of our local radio personalities Chris Plante (WMAL) likes to say:

    "If it weren't for double standards, Liberals would have no standards."

  10. Nice quote Common Sense. Thanks for following and for the input!


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