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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Take a Major Spanking Today

Ok, I get home from church this evening and drop by Foxnews.com The headline that screams at me is " Wisconsin Votes To Strip Union Rights!" Incredible Story! After three weeks of waiting on the 14 cowardly Democrat Senators, Gov. Walker and the Republicans stripped the Collective Bargaining portion out of the budget bill, and passed it as a stand-alone bill.

What really Struck me about this move, was the courage that it took. As time has went on, the unions have rallied protesters and forces in opposition to the union-busting. There has been a considerable amount of public outcry against the Governor. Polls even show that this was an unpopular move to a large portion of Americans. But Governor Walker did what was right, not what was politically expedient! He might have just thrown away all chances at a second term, but he was not elected to be a two-term Governor. He was not elected to please the union folks across America. He was elected to straighten up Wisconsin, and by-golly, that's what he was going to do, regardless of how many union thugs it hair-lipped! Governing from conviction, not opinion polls, commendable Mr. Governor!

The next headline read "NPR Dumps CEO After Hidden-Camera Sting"
OH That felt GOOD! After the despicable way in which they treated Juan Williams last fall, this headline was just SWEET!

Alright, Public Sector Unions. Confiscate money from members. (You can't teach school in WI unless you are a union member.) The Union then takes this Blood Money and campaigns for Democrat lawmakers, spending millions of dollars to get them elected. The Lawmakers are supposed to be the tax-payers representatives in financial negotiations with our civil servants. These law-makers are not negotiating on behalf of the taxpayer however, they are negotiating on behalf of the union. The unions then get sweetheart deals dealt to them, from taxpayers' money. This unholy alliance of confiscated union money and politicians needed to be broken! If in the private sector unions, the union bosses paid huge money to the company reps that were negotiating the contracts, somebody would be going to jail! The company crooks that took the bribe money would at least be fired!

So the Liberals took a spanking today, and I was struck by the fact that both of these situations deal with misappropriated public funds potentially being shut off. (NPR's funding is now in serious jeopardy.) And the libs are fuming! There have been calls for a nationwide general strike, for continued protests, and for a boycott of Wisconsin. Between all of the protests, and now this talk of strikes, this is starting to look like Greece. Libs tried to paint the protests as America's "Egypt Moment", when in truth, it is America's "Greece Moment." When people get addicted to nursing at the teat of the public coffers, they really throw a fit when it's time to wean them!

It's a good day to be a conservative!


  1. Dan,

    Good post, and yes it is a good day to be a Conservative. It's about damn time too. I hope that this emboldens the other governors to do the right thing and protect the real working class.

  2. What kind of fool goes on strike with 17% unemployment? As an employer(back in the good ol' days) I would fire anyone who didn't WANT to work. No one is irreplaceable. There are people standing in line to take those jobs.

  3. Amen Dan - you hit the nail right on the head as they say. A great day for America if this becomes a national wave against socialism.

  4. Thanks for letting me know you found me! I've found myself liking what you write too!

  5. Thank you Dogwalk, welcome to our twisted world! lol.

  6. Have to give you this one, Dan. The fact that Democratic leaders actually left the state and FAILED to represent their constituents, is the most appalling lack of leadership I have ever seen. Every one of them should be tossed out right now for negligence of duty.

  7. True Cher, The Republican Congressmen last year in DC had a broader-reaching bill shoved over them. And leadership tactics form Speaker Pelosi were WAYYY harsher than what the WI Dems faced. And Republicans stayed right there for every hearing. They were not even allowed to sit in on any of the committee hearings, most of the time they were not allowed to offer amendments, no debate permitted, etc... and they sat right there.

  8. Good point Dan - stems from the fact that Democrats don't really believe in democracy. They only want to compromise when they have lost. Americans need to watch them in action. I caught a lot of the hearing about Radical Islam yesterday. Democrats were vicious, rude, and mindlessly obstructionist - but then that's what they do.

  9. As a Canadian who has been watching this horror show going on down below us since you guys elected Maobama it is encouraging to see your pinksters take it in the butt lately.Were you all on the bong or drunk when you elected this Manchurian Candidate?.One good thing is happening as we watch your horror show-the rest of the Free World is moving Right.
    I fully expect a Conservative Majority rather than Minority in the next election.Our Pinkos are keeping pretty quiet these days as they sense the tsunami that is about to engulf the Democranazis in 2012.For God's sake do not reelect this golfer and his dietician,prada wearing Commie wife.One good thing is that the Dumbocrats won't see power for two decades so Hilray is toast thanks to Barry.And do something about Fat Bastard-the hippo who masquerades as the Marxist Beaver Cleaver-Moore.Come on guys I've got a Yankee fiance in St Louis and she wants me to move there-not until your country returns to its senses.Holy Crow you guys used to rule!You were the leader of the Free World.America IS an exceptional country but when you have Sarkozy and FRANCE showing more testicular fortitude than that ditherer in the White House WE'RE all in trouble.Come on!Snap out of it!Is there a Dr.Regan in the house?You better find one and fast and not a RINO either.You've got the same bunch of losers from last time jockeying for the job.The person with the biggest set of clanging testicles down there or rather up there is Sarah Palin.Palin and Coulter in 2012!

  10. Gordon, have no fear, we are waking up. Conservatism is on the rise in America. The world will be safe. I agree with your assessment that Dems are out of power for a long time. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate the comment as well!

  11. just saw this post. you write: 'There have been calls for a nationwide general strike, for continued protests, and for a boycott of Wisconsin.'
    is there not also a boycott of Arizona? So that leaves 48 states for liberals to live in!


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