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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Detroit: Democrat Ideas On Display!

This is a Guest Post by my buddy Hardnox. You can check out his most excellent blog HERE!

Socialist Utopia is a Model City of "Hope & Change"
Welcome to Detroit where the city's population continues to decline. US 2010 Census data reveals that Detroit's has LOST 25% of its population in the last ten years. In 1950 the city had 1.8 million residents. In 2010, it has barely over 700,000, down from about 1 million.

In other words, when most US cities have seen their numbers increase Detroit has declined despite a 50% increase (100 million) of the overall American population in the same time frame.

Detroit at one time had the highest median income of all cities with the USA.

So what happened?

60 years of non-stop Democrat Utopian ideals is what happened. Businesses and residents voted with their feet.

The video describes it quite well.

Another liberal kumbaya wealth-redistribution pipedream up in smoke. Coming to a city near you!

So How's that Hope & Change Thing Working out so far?


  1. As someone who lives in a Detroit suburb, I find your post to be completely simplistic. Why do those on the right see things in simple black and white. The history of Detroit's decline is far more nuanced than simply pinning it on the unions.

  2. I'd have to agree with anonymous. This is another conservative hatchet job filled with non sequiturs

  3. Michael Moore is from Flint..should ask him about this.

  4. The city of Detroit's fall can be directly related to the outsourcing of union-held jobs. However, many of those in unions voted for conservatives and this is the voter's remorse felt. This is why farmers in Wisconsin are now backing the removal of a republican governor. Republicans represent the million and billionaires who pay lobbyists who use political capital to persuade laws to hurt the middle class. Had it not been for Willie Nelson and Farm Aid, Reagan would have destroyed even more farmers than he did.

  5. All of you people are idiots. Detroit is in ruin because of the unions, whose whine and cry led to the outsourcing of jobs because of high labor costs. And Democrats, not Republicans, are responsible for the economic policies (like NAFTA) that allow US companies to operate overseas to avoid the high labor costs created by - Democrats. And no one in the history of this country has done more to eliminate the middle class than Barak Obama. Where do you all get your info? Unbelievable.

  6. To all the Demmerhoids,

    Go ahead and keep denying what has happened in Detroit and in other cities that have been controlled by democrats. Your blaming republicans is a really tired argument.

    As Patriot pointed out NAFTA was a democrat idea. As a result US companies have fled the country because of the high wages of union workers.

    The same can be said about the steel mills. Look what happened to US Steel in Joline, Gary, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, and so forth. It was the unions and the EPA that killed those companies.

    Go ahead and keep blaming republicans while the rest of the industrialized world keeps kicking our ass.

  7. US Census data indicates that Detroit lost 25% of its population over the past decade (2000-2010). The mayor refuses to accept that figure as it will reduce the Federal Funds for the city - go figure. Mayor Bing figures that each person is worth $10,000 each to his city.

    All the train-wreck cities in the US have one thing in common - Democrat leadership. If you have a union town - it is a perfect storm of destruction.

  8. Mayor Bing wants to include all the prisoners in the Detroit area as population in order to hit the 750,000 mark. Apparently 750 is the magic number otherwise the city can't collect taxes as per state law. The prisons are located outside the city.

    How funny is that?

    Only a moron could come up with an idea like that.

  9. Dan,

    Thanks for the plug and the kind words. I meant to send this message days ago.

  10. Hardnox, you are very welcome. Thank you for the excellent content. I have been quite busy lately, and haven't had the time to write like I should.

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