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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Liberals' Big Tent

The militant environmentalist walks arm-in-arm with the pro-choice advocate in the gay pride parade.
Feminism, union love, pro-choice, pro-GLBT, environmentalism, anti-war, anti-capitalism, anti-capital punishment etc.. All pillars of the Liberal Movement's Big Tent.

But what is the "GLUE" that holds them together? Such varied interests, what binds and attracts them to each other?

I'm trying to wrap my head around Liberalism, and I'd like all of the input I can get.

What do you think?


  1. To wrap your head around liberalism,

    1) Take 6 Tylenols
    2) Get a small hammer
    3) beat yourself in the face with the hammer

    The results of this experiment will make you think like a liberal.

  2. That's a good question that I have been asking myself for many years. I don't believe there is a simple answer. I'm convinced that it is a mental disorder that has been diagnosed decades ago.

    One thing for sure is that lefties are angry people. They complain about absolutely everything despite the fact that he have the highest living standard in the world. They complain about fairness but never are able to describe what it is.

    During arecent IMF protest rally one reporter asked a protestor why they were there. The protestor answered "it's not fair". When the reported asked "what's not fair?" the protestor looked clueless and responded "it's just not fair" and walked away. That in itself should give us a clue.

    I attended the 8-28 rally in DC and wandered over to Al Sharpton's counter/hate rally to see what they were upset about and I got the same type of reaction.

    Honestly, I don't think that they know what they are rallying against or for other than they take delight in just being angry about stuff.

    Patriot's response above is probably the best answer.

    I am absolutely sure that liberals can be led like lemmings. All it takes is one person with a bullhorn and the crowd gathers nodding their heads but totally clueless as to why they are there.

    I posted an essay some months ago titled "Conservatives vs Liberals"


  3. Thanks for the comments and the link guys. Hardnox you forgot about the drum, it takes a bullhorn, and somebody pounding out that incessant beat on a drum.

  4. Wow, the Blush LimpBlah is now a reverend, he can take his place next to the other flakes like Jim Jones, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, (all silly jimmy’s), Ted Haggard, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Franklin Gramham (son of Billy), John Hagee, and we can’t forget the rev. Mike Huckabee. Maybe LimpBlah next sermon will be about the scripture “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”, found in the good book. But alas we probably hear more or the same lies that we heard today. He is such a windbag.

  5. Montana, let's not forget about Jesse Jackson, Al not-so-Sharpton, Rev. Wright, and Loser Farrakhan... but I don't see what all this has to do with Liberals?

  6. LS, I have struggled with that question myself for decades. I know some very bright - even brilliant - people who are screaming liberals. It doesn't make sense. In dealing with them for the most part they don't evaluate things - rather they react. You know the type, you say "The country is broke, we can't afford to do that." and their response "That F***ing George Bush!" Or you say "All previous experience would indicate that raising taxes will reduce government revenue and retard the economy." and they respond "That F***ing Bush!!!"

    A conservative generally has taken the time to come to a reasoned and informed opinion. They can explain why they believe the way they believe. There is a cause and effect of public policy that they have evaluated and understand. Liberals tend to be more child-like and emote rather than think out a response.

    Liberalism is a bankrupt ideology while conservatism is a pragmatic response to the natural order of life.

  7. I have to say, the answer to the "liberalism cause" is somewhere between Hardnox and Common Snse's explanation. I might be wrong, but the more I hear from "liberals" the more I see individuals who want more done for themselves and others', whatever the cause may be, than they are willing to do themselves. Our country is in a whole because there are those who believe many need a "free" lunch and there isn't any such thing as a "free" lunch.

    As far as Rush goes...let him speak. You have a right to not listen. There is "freedom" of speech...but for how long?

  8. Sandy, thanks for commenting and thanks for following! Much appreciated.

  9. It is much more difficult to wrap my head around the implosion of the Republican Party. We have witnessed the Trump-et racist birther circus show, and read of Mitt Romney's pocketed campaign funds. Is that what they were? Oh and let's not forget about the newt, still clinging by his claws and old closet baggage with hopes of entering this circus. It's going to be an entertaining right from the Right this year!

  10. Cher, I agree that watching the Republican primaries unfold is going to be very interesting. Any input into the subject at hand? What exactly brings all of the varied ideas of liberalism together?

  11. World English Dictionary
    liberal (ˈlɪbərəl, ˈlɪbrəl)

    — adj
    1. relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform
    2. relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom
    3. giving and generous in temperament or behaviour
    4. tolerant of other people
    5. abundant; lavish: a liberal helping of cream
    6. not strict; free: a liberal translation
    7. of or relating to an education that aims to develop general cultural interests and intellectual ability

    — n
    8. a person who has liberal ideas or opinions

    That about sums up the definition of a good person, I would say...

  12. Anonymous,

    You must not have read "1984" - when liberals chose that name they were practicing "Double Speak" a language that intentionally disguises or reverses the actual meaning of a word or phrase. It is the stock and trade of liberal language.

    An example - Obamacare's congressional name is the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act." Of course is doesn't protect anyone and no one will be able to afford it. That's generally the way liberals talk.

    There are others of course. The "Dream Act" was a nightmare in disguise and the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (aka the stimulus bill) didn't spur recovery and "reinvestment" is double speak for "spending money we don't have."

    One might call it "lying" and for the most part that is correct.

  13. Common Sense, I have to say that you have given a complete and thorough rebuttal to a disingenuous comment. That was beautiful, Thanks!

    Mr. or Mrs. Anon, would you care to give any input as to why the various factions of liberalism find themselves bedfellows in the Democrat party?

  14. I think I did with the definition I provided but since you don't see it that way you're just confirming the obvious. Sorry to visit your sandbox.

    World English Dictionary
    conservative (kənˈsɜːvətɪv)

    — adj
    1. favouring the preservation of established customs, values, etc, and opposing innovation
    2. of, characteristic of, or relating to conservatism
    3. tending to be moderate or cautious: a conservative estimate
    4. conventional in style or type: a conservative suit
    5. med Compare radical (of treatment) designed to alleviate symptoms
    6. physics a field of force, system, etc, in which the work done moving a body from one point to another is independent of the path taken between them: electrostatic fields of force are conservative

    — n
    7. a person who is reluctant to change or consider new ideas; conformist
    8. a supporter or advocate of conservatism

    — adj , — n
    9. a less common word for preservative

  15. I think that Anonymous just made your point for you LS - it's the conservative that keeps a country sane and safe. But then we all knew that.

  16. Hey! I thought this was a no-spin zone!

  17. Liberal=A person so open-minded their brain fell out!

  18. Jeff,

    Your comment was spot on and made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle.

  19. "Liberal Stupidity" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


  20. In a two party system, everything in politics is absurd. Social conservatism/traditionalism has little to do with fiscal conservatism... just like social liberalism/progressivism has little to do with fiscal progressivism.

    If we had parliamentary legislature and a legitimate, multi-party political system, then perhaps things would make more sense. Environmentalists would have their party; Christian social traditionalists would have theirs; Orthodox Jews (where they are prevalent) would form their own party; Reform Jews in the northeast would make theirs; followers of the saltwater schools of economics would have a party; those that follow the freshwater schools of economics would form a counter party; civil libertarians/liberals would have a party, too.

    Those parties would form fluid alliances in the different legislatures. More compromise, less gridlock. In short, things would get done.

    ..but yeah, don't waste your time trying to find logical cohesion for the Democratic or Republican party platforms.

  21. LS:
    I'm not sure why you think a dictionary definition is "disingenuous" as you said of Anonymous' contribution, but perhaps it would be simpler if it was explained this way...By and large, conservatives concern themselves with property and property rights, while liberals are more concerned with humans and human rights.

    1. Lying liars and the lies they tell-Lieberals

  22. Oh, yeah...feel free to drop by pagun-view.blogspot.com pay particular attention to the posts dedicated to the TeaParty

    1. Facts and logic are like Kryptonite to liberals.I wouldn`t want to sprain anything trying to explain rational thought,common sense and how we empower governance not vice-versa as opposed to mob-think to a hopeless Lieberal.

  23. Liberalism is simply amoral Scientology writ large.They think they are centrist and NORMAL.It is a mindless cult which vilifies all that disagree with it and should someone like Lovitz strays from the fold they nasty,blackmail and blacklist them into submission.For the next six months they are The Man.The Establishment.
    For Barry Sotero for Liberalism and the DemoNazi Party,Àpres moi`,le Deluge.

  24. This is my letter to The Great Pretender,The Manchurian President after I was solicited for a (choke) political donation:

    I`m voting for Mitt-at least HE will do something about gas prices.The Canadians offered us a gift beyond belief and you shit in their face-I don`t want oil with blood and tears in it and thanks for betraying the only democracy in the M.E. Israel.And QUIT DRAGGING YOUR POOR KIDS INTO SEXUAL POLITICS.

    `War on women`You treat my wife who is raising our children in the home like shit.The contraception bullshit is all about abortion and you know it.As a Catholic you have conducted a direct attack on my Church and my Faith and conscience rights.You have picked a fight with the wrong Christians.You have heterodox lousy Catholics like Biden,Pelosi,and Sebelius who will answer to God for their dereliction of duty regarding the murder of the pre-born.REAL orthodox Catholics are willing to be persecuted and crucified for their Faith.

    Your presidency has been a do-nothing disaster-where`s the budget??????,STOP BORROWING MONEY MY GRANDCHILDREN CANNOT PAY.

    You are fomenting class and race warfare.Your snot nosed Fascisti Brownshirts or should I say Black Hoodies are on the move-useful idiots in your aim to change America into the U.S.S.A.

    The day after you are tossed from office there will be coast to coast riots and the blood and deaths will be on YOUR hands.It`s open season on white people as well.Arrest Holder for the gunrunning that got two agents killed.

    The War on terror is over(sarc)-when the next Muslim mega-terror-event that occurs on our soil the people will be howling for your scalp.I suspect you are a Marxist.I KNOW you are a radical.You are the WORST president we have ever had.You`re done.You`re finished.You`re toast.

    Start packing and take your terrorist Weathermen friends with you.The Democrat party-the party of the KKK,slavery,Slaughter of the Innocents,with well-fed Commisars at the top will be wandering the Political Wilderness for a generation.

    Quit taking credit for Bush`s and the Seals kill.The picture of you in the room where the attck was captured live tells it all-you in the corner-hunched over,a petulant unhappy look on your face in your GOLF TOGS,while the Big Boys sat at the table-even Hellery.The General`s snookered you and you had no choice as you knew you`d be meat if the Public found out you refused to order the hit.MY CAT WOULD HAVE ORDERED THAT HIT.

    Give you money?I wouldn`t ask you to piss on my head if my hair was on fire and we were in a desert and you had a full bladder.

    Very Sincerely,
    Gordon Campbell

    P.S. tell the Hollywood half-wit Clooney I`ll NEVER watch another of his movies and he is about to be vilified as Tom Hanks,Fatass Moore,Jane Fonda,and Sean ``the Communist Asshole ``Penn et al are.

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